Application of Cold Shrinkable Tube

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Cold shrink tubing is an open type of rubber tubing made primarily of rubber elastomers with high-performance physical properties that have been factory expanded or pre stretched and assembled onto a supported removable plastic core. When the support core is removed during installation, the cold shrink tube shrinks. The electrician slides the tube over the cable to be connected, bonded, or discarded, and then pulls the plastic core to shrink the tube tightly against the cable in place.

Cold shrink tubing is used to insulate wires, connectors, connectors, and terminals in electrical work. It can also be used to repair wires, tie wires together, and protect wires or small parts from slight wear. It needs to be stored in a controlled environment that does not exceed 43 degrees Celsius.

The advantage of cold shrink tubing is that it can achieve high-performance long-term environmental sealing even under extreme conditions. Tool free installation reduces downtime, installation time, and training requirements.

Due to its convenient installation on cables without heating, cold shrinkable tubes have been welcomed by a large number of electric power installation enterprises and communication base station installation related enterprises in recent years. There are various types of cold shrinkable tubes applied to cold shrinkable cable terminals, cold shrinkable intermediate joints, ethylene propylene glycol cold shrinkable tubes, silicone cold shrinkable tubes, and muddy cold shrinkable tubes in the field of electric power.

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