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Ethyl Cellulose

Ethyl Cellulose

Product DescriptionChemical name:Ethyl Cellulose(EC) Standard:Q/0900 FRT005-2012(Meet the requirements of USP, EP)The product is a white or light grey powder with odourless and tasteless.Soft temperature: 135-155℃Bulk density :0.3-0.4g/cm³Real specific gravity: 1.07-1.18, melting point 165-185℃......

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Product Description

Product Description

Chemical name:Ethyl Cellulose(EC) 

Standard:Q/0900 FRT005-2012

(Meet the requirements of USP, EP)

The product is a white or light grey powder with odourless and tasteless.

Soft temperature: 135-155℃

Bulk density :0.3-0.4g/cm³

Real specific gravity: 1.07-1.18, melting point 165-185℃

It dosen’t dissolve in water, but dissolves in many organic solvents.



EC can be used as film former, binder, dispersing agent, stabilizer, water retention agent and controlled release agent in many kinds of medicine.


EC can make up some printing and coating, the coating films have good glossiness and excellent slickening capability and flexibility.


EC can make up the plastic powder which is easy to take shape, improve cold-resistant property and so on.

In other industry

EC is used as temporary coating for fluorescent lamp tube, to raise the viscosity of phosphor and harden the glasses’ surface. In addition, it is used in electricity conductive printing ink which is used in the basement flake in integrated circuit.

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